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Back to School Special on Environment Regulations?

Is your company prepared for the new California Prop 65 labeling requirements coming into force August 31, 2018?

If you can say yes, move on, if not, keep reading.

What issues are the most important to address in 2018?

One: CA Prop 65 if you have products sold to consumers, including professionals in the California. Or to distributors who might sell in CA because the bounty hunter lawyers are going to go after deep pockets on this one.

Two: REACH enforcement will affect both your process and direct materials because substances on the Candidate List or restricted will be unavailable for manufacturing within EU and eventually globally as REACH also deals with ‘articles’ or parts for SVHC impacts.

Three: Conflict Minerals requests expansion into Cobalt. Regardless of many industry participants desires to limit Conflict Minerals to just 3TG, the top of the chain (OEMs that can end up in USA Today), want to get ahead of the new EU regulation and cobalt has been determined as the next mineral of interest.

If you don’t have the resources or the time to slog through the 1000 environmental regulations added EACH YEAR to assure your business processes are robust enough; please feel free to contact B Cubed at for an initial chat. I’m sure we can help.

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