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About Brenda B. Baney

Brenda Baney has been addressing product environmental regulations for over 30 years.  She began with General Motors as a materials engineer, and was at the forefront of the automotive industries material compliance reporting.  Brenda has led internal company projects on elimination of CFCs, lead solder, hexavalent chromium, and a myriad of other substances of concern.  She has been a leader within both automotive and electronics industry groups covering topics like Ionic Cleanliness of Printed Circuit Boards, Lead-Free Solder, End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) & Restrictions on Hazardous Substances(RoHS) and REACH compliance and is considered a supply chain expert for material content reporting.

Brenda was the Product Stewardship Manager for Delphi, a global supplier to the automotive and heavy machinery market.  Under her tenure, Delphi reported complex material compliance data on hundreds of thousands of parts successfully.  She also created an internal Conflict Minerals cross-functional team leading Delphi to be named as the Number One automotive component supplier in the 2015 Assent Conflict Minerals rating. ( )

As BCubed Consulting, the staff has worked with OEMs and suppliers individually and through industry group on projects to keep strategies on course and stay up-to-date on the latest negotiations between industry and global government enforcement bodies. Brenda can do a quick gap analysis or help you put a team together and train them in their roles, develop compliance assurance processes and provide legislative updates as needed. Brenda has stayed current in the activities of multiple industries and has participated in advocacy, industry guidance and expert group activities.    BCubed is one of the top contributors to the automotive REACH Task Force for chemical product data issues, such as supply chain confidentiality concerns, full disclosure versus compliance statements as examples.  BCubed personnel are considered experts on material content of electronics assemblies and is also involved with multi-industry groups addressing human rights topics through critical material sourcing such as Conflict Minerals.  They understand how to work with both large & small firms and how a right-sized virtual team can create efficiencies. 

Brenda Baney, Product Stewardship Expert

B.S. Chemical Engineering, MBA

Owner of BCubed Consulting, Inc.

Multifaceted engineering manager with expertise in product stewardship within the automotive, electronics and durable goods industries.  Proven abilities creating strategies and processes for assuring product chemical compliance that integrates across company functions.  Deep, technical knowledge in materials and global environmental legislation with recognized strong leadership skills and ability to motivate professionals to optimize commercial competiveness.

Product Stewardship Expert

Unparalleled Access to Industry Working Groups and their Initiatives

Brenda Baney is known in industry as expert presenter (samples below)

Global Presentations on Responsible Sourcing

2012 - Supplier perspective at Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Industry Briefing

2013 - Automotive Case Study at 12th Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative Workshop

2014 - Overview Conflict Minerals at China International Forum on Automotive Materials

2015 - Conflict Minerals Reporting at European Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) Summit

2016 - Automotive Conflict Minerals Workgroup Activities at Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) Conflict Minerals Spring Meeting

2017 - Update on CMRT 5.0 at CLEPA Summit

2018 - Presentation at Counterfeit Parts Symposium on Product CSR Legislation

2019 - Coordinated joint Heavy Equipment/Auto Symposium on Product Stewardship topics

2020  - Led AIAG Automotive Conflict Minerals Guidance CM-3 Document update


Global Presentations on Substances of Concern Reporting

2012 - Team development & deploy of AIAG 3 module on-line training for Chemical Regulations:  Management & Compliance

2013 - California Green Chemistry Overview at global Supplier Alliance meeting

2014 - Third cross-functional process training on Substance of Concern for Delphi China Technical centers (>250 attendees at 3 locations)

2015 - North American supplier perspectives at automotive IMDS Steering Committee meet

2016 - Yearly Electronics reporting update at AIAG IMDS Summit

2017 - Full Material Declaration Reporting at iPoint OEM Day and Heavy Equipment Supplier Summit sponsored by AEM and DXC 

2018 - Five Common Ways Companies Sabotage Their Data Quality Efforts @ AIAG IMDS and Product Compliance Conference

2019 -  REC019 Update/Debate - is Electronic Assembly 'Shortcut' Reporting Dead (AIAG)

2020 - Electronics Assembly Reporting (AIAG IMDS Summit)

"What can I say about Brenda B Baney?"

Brilliant, Bold and slightly Bonkers!

I have had the pleasure of working with Brenda over the last 10 years - whether it be on the challenges of standardised reporting of IMDS electronics, REACH challenges for the automotive industry, or trying to understand what materials producers are thinking when dealing with the EU Biocidal Product Directive, she never fails to impress.
She brings a clear understanding, thoughtful insight and a smattering of humour to the tasks in hand, which make light work of often heavy topics - a joy to work with!

With Brenda's personality and product knowledge, she would be an asset to any team.


Matt Griffin, Jaguar/Land Rover

Co-Chair IMDS Steering Committee



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Brenda Baney is one of the three most respected regulatory material compliance reporting experts in the global automotive supplier community. Brenda began working actively with us at HPE (then EDS) during the initial release of IMDS on regulatory compliance in the automotive industry back in 2000, and has been one of the most valuable sources of regulatory and capability input and  feedback in almost every intervening month. Even now, she remains one of the lead testers and feedback providers in her role as a leader in the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) community.

Several years ago, Brenda started expanding her expertise into other industries, and is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable compliance and sustainability resources in the U.S., supporting diverse industries including electronics, heavy equipment, and aerospace on a wide range of topics.  We at HPE have benefitted from Brenda’s talents and recommendations in developing our multi-industry Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) , and we consider her an essential source of information regarding regulatory, client, and potential client needs and concerns.

Brenda is an extremely capable and well-connected conduit for compliance and sustainability communication, and an outstanding communicator regardless of whether the medium is verbal, written, or via presentation. Brenda is intensely engaged in the business drivers behind these topics, yet equally facile in the implementation of processes and methodologies to manage compliance activities. Best of all, it is a pleasure to work with Brenda; her wit, charm, and enthusiasm are contagious, and the entire team seems to work more effectively when Brenda is part of the group.

Chuck LePard


IMDS & CDX Americas





 ...or evolution of a Product Stewardship Expert



Someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge.  Applicable to all engineers, but in this case specifically for Materials Engineering.


Engineering Manager

Managing folks that do the above to achieve sychronicity to corporate goals,...profit. Add product environmental compliance program development responsibilities, in this case for an automotive electronics firm.


Product Stewardship Professional

Expansion of duties from elimination of Heavy Metals and CFC's to a long list of targeted chemicals due to global legislation.  New requirements emerge surrounding mapping of the supply chain to trace origin of minerals and other substances.  Collaboration with multi-tier companies through industry group engagement provides both best practices and lower cost solutions.


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