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What's up with 2018 REACH Registration?

Are companies sufficiently concerned about the 2018 REACH registration deadline? Per the 2015 ECHA Roadmap for REACH compliance, May 31st 2018 will be the last registration deadline for existing chemicals. This deadline applies to companies that manufacture OR import between 1-100 tons/yr per country (legal entity really). These are pretty low volumes and industry is concerned that a large number of SME won’t be prepared. If ECHA is also serious about their plans to do REACH enforcement, supply disruptions may occur. If you’d like to have an expert help you assess your companies risk, contact B Cubed.

B Cubed Consulting has recently added a partnership with RegVine and can help set up on-going data collection services for your regulatory compliance needs. RegVine has been successfully using Hazcom Warriors, a program that trains and hires injured veterans and caregivers.

On the automotive news front, the 2018 GADSL is about to be released (see after 2/1/18). This rigorously vetted Global Automotive Declarable Substance List is updated yearly, supported by the American Chemistry Council, and global in focus reflects environmental product regulations that can impact the automotive and other durable goods products. Substances are listed as Declarable or Prohibited or both (D/P) depending on the underlying laws. There are some declarable categories that are also under assessment and may potentially be removed later if necessary (ex. Canadian Chemical Challenge chemicals).

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